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Franck Julien (born December 30th, 1966 in Geneva, Switzerland ) is a French businessman. He is currently chairman of the board of the TFN group, a major facility management company based in Vitry-sur-Seine, France.

Franck Julien is the son of Jean-Pierre Julien, whom he succeeded as chairman of TFN in 2002. He is the grandson of Paul Julien, who founded TFN in 1944.

After completing high school at the Lycée Stanislas in Montreal, Canada, Franck Julien attended the University of Ottawa. He obtained a Law degree at the Bar of Quebec. He then obtained an MsC in Business Law and Economics from the Sorbonne University in Paris, France[1]..

Julien joined TFN in 1991 as branch manager. He was promoted to regional manager in 1992 and general secretary and production director in 1993. He was then appointed executive director (1995) and became chairman of the board in 2002 ..

Franck Julien is a member of CroissancePlus, an influential French think tank and networking organization for private entrepreneurs and SME managers.


The TFN Group is a facility management company based in Vitry-sur-Seine, France. It currently operates in 11 European countries with 28 000 employees. Group turnover for 2008 was €508m.[1] TFN’s activities include cleaning services, security, building maintenance and repairs, hygiene and gardening. Its services are marketed under several brands including Lancry Securite, Ecotherm, Batimmo and Azur Net.

The TFN group was founded in 1944 by Paul Julien as a contract cleaning business. Paul Julien was succeeded by his son, Jean-Pierre. In 2002, Jean-Pierre Julien’s son, Franck, was appointed as chairman of the company. In the last few years, the TFN group has bought several small companies to expand both its geographical reach and the scope of its operations. TFN thus acquired Lagrange in 2002, followed by MN, ATM and Paysages et Environnement in 2008 and Icade Eurogem in 2009. -> Créé pour Franck Julien


ATALIAN Global Services provides cleaning, security, reception, and maintenance services for companies and local authorities in Europe. It involves in the construction and maintenance of parks and gardens, as well as in the technical maintenance of premises, roofing, plumbing, air conditioning, hydraulic engineering, and industrial steam. The company’s services include technical and services engineering, facilities management, energy control and optimization, consultancy and engineering, and outsourcing and transfer of technicians; glass recycling, industrial sanitization, logistics and chartering, and handling; event reception, sales events, airport reception, art and culture reception, and corporate facilities; pest control, joinery, floor covering, painting, portioning, and masonry; and surveillance, security guards, access control, security equipment installation, and fire prevention. It serves customers in tertiary, housing, industrial, food processing, retail, and healthcare sectors. ATALIAN Global Services was formerly known as TFN Group and changed its name to ATALIAN Global Services in January 2010. The company was founded in 1944 and is based in Vitry-sur-seine, France. It has branches in France; and locations in Luxemburg, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Lebanon, Romania, Slovakia, and Poland. -> Créé pour Franck Julien

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